Sunday, August 31, 2008

Its Been a While

I can't believe it has been over 2 months since the last time I posted! So let me get ya'll updated on what has been going on here in Cali. Pearce left in the middle of June to go spend the summer with his dad but came back in early August. We have been doing the same old same old. Spending our weekends at the beach, Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World and hanging with friends. My favorite place is the beach of course. A good friend of ours told us about this little spot at Coronado Beach that has front row parking right next to the beach. I don't think many San Diegans know about this side street and I would like to keep it that way. The only down side is there are no bathrooms or showers so we just have to make do.
On our way to the beach Ahh!! Sisterly love! Welcome Home!
Wild Animal Park! Me and my little Man!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Afternoon at Dog Beach

We decided to take a last minute trip to Coronado's Dog Beach yesterday. Our Lab, Max, loves to swim in the ocean and play with other dogs. Coronado is rated one of the best beaches in California. It is clean and family friendly. Taylor doesn't seem to like the beach..she refuses to go towards the water. Morgan on the other hand LOVES the water and sand. We didn't stay long..maybe 2 hrs. I am starting to notice how similar Jeff and Taylor are and how similar Morgan and I are. Jeff says he likes the beach but complains about the sand making a mess...go figure...sand makes a mess? Taylor doesn't like to get sandy and "messy". Hummm...sounds just like her dad. Morgan loves to get sandy. She loves it so much she layed down and rolled all the way from our blanket to the water. Someone watching her made a comment that maybe she will be a Marine. I enjoy being at the beach too...however you won't catch me rolling in the sand. I'll sit in the sand and build castles and dig holes. We left the beach with everyone being tired. Max swallowed so much sea water that he threw up in the truck in the way home. Gross!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

2008 CUBS All Stars

Pearce had his All Stars game last Saturday. His teammates Mark and Andrew were the other 2 boys from his team to play in the game. Pearce was very excited about this game. I had never seen him like this. He told Jeff the night before to wake him up at 6am so he would be sure to be there on time. This game was special for me too because it was my last day getting to see my friends every week and weekend. What can I say...I love socializing! So in the morning we both got up early and made it to fields by 8am. We were even there before his coach and that NEVER happens. Pearce played a great game. He played 2nd base, catcher, short stop and right field. He doesn't usually play right field so I was pleasantly surprised when he made the winning play. There were 2 outs, and runner on 1st and 3rd. The batter hit the ball to right field. Pearce threw the ball to 2nd, got the runner out from 1st and then the 2nd baseman threw it home to get the runner out on 3rd..they didn't need that out but they got it anyways. Pearce's team won by 1 run. What a great game!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My new Hair Do

I got my hair colored and highlight yesterday. My stylist has been wanting me to go back to blond but I am just not feeling it. With the my new job I feel like I need to look smarter and more I choose a dark brown with carmel highlights. I have had mixed reactions. What do you think?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sea World

Now that it is getting easier to get out with the girls we are trying to hit up all the fun spots in San Diego. Living here is almost like being on a mini vacation every weekend. I even read an article that San Diego is one of the top 5 most popular vacation spots...I think Orlando is #2 on that Dawn should have just as many options.

Seaworld opened up a new "Elmo's Bay of Play" so of course we just had to check it out. Right now Seaworld is running a any one day pass and get the rest of the year free. We jumped on that!

Each one of our children had a favorite part of Sea World. Taylor enjoyed the Cirque De La Mer. Its a water show with lots of acrobatics.

Morgan enjoyed the tide pools with the Sea Stars and Bat Rays. She was able to pick the Sea

Stars up and touch the Bat Rays as they swam by her.

Pearce liked EVERYTHING! We had a really good strollers or back pack leashes. But not outing ever ends without Taylor screaming and yelling about not wanting to leave and how we need to leave her there. Sometimes I wish I could. Hopefully one day she will grow out of this...SOON! This very last picture is Taylor giving us the cold shoulder. Hahaha

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Little League Baseball

This is Pearces 2nd year playing baseball and boy is he shining! You know me, I'm am Pearce's biggest critic but for right now I 'm going to's just because I am so proud of him and his progress over the last year.
He is on the Cubs again this year. We have the same coach from last year, Mark Minutelli. His wife, Alma, and I became good friends. We would sit and chat during the games.....and then one day Mark handed me the score book and told me to keep it and that "maybe that will make you two hens stop clucking". And that's the reason I keep the book....but I still talk.
Pearce generally played in field positions last season. This season he has been playing catcher and pitcher. Marks son, Mark, is also a pretty good player and him and Pearce are a good combination together. Not only that but Mark and Pearce look so much alike Alma and I STILL have a hard time telling them apart out on the field.
When Mark first starting pitching Pearce we were all amazed at his natural ability to pitch. They are fast and accurate. I think Pearce was even surprised. Pearce has innings where he strikes out the side with 12 pitches! The first time he did it I was so happy for him but he totally ruined it for me when I over heard him talking to his team mates..."Yeah, I should be on the Majors." So much for feeling proud. Now on to teaching Pearce some worries though, I had a long talk with Pearce about it.
So the big news is that Pearce and Mark were both picked for the All Stars team. Pearce has not idea yet. I am excited that Pearce has discover a possible talent and love for baseball. I can't wait to see what the years ahead will bring him.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip to the San Diego Zoo

We LOVE three day weekends! It's probably the only time we get to do something as a family. The girls have grown big enough now that we can go crowded places and not worry about them running in 2 different directions..HORRAH!! So we decided it was time for a trip to the San Diego Zoo...and if you have never been it is definatly a place you must visit.

Let me first say that the above picture was taken by a rather enthusiastic group of Japanese tourist...on the younger side...they were so happy to take this picture for us and were falling all over how cute Morgan and Taylor were. They even asked if they could take a picture with them...then Morgan surprise us all by saying Ohao to them...(means hello in Japanese)...they thought she was the sooo cute.

We went straight to the Monkey Trails. It seemed to be a good time of the day to see all the different types of monkeys, chimps, orangatans and gorillas. Morgan and Taylor are tall enough now that we don't have to hold them up to all the exhibits so that was nice and we all took our time looking.

Next we headed to the snakes.....Morgan and Pearce have this love of snakes that I do not understand so we had to look at each exhibit and Morgan was not leaving until she saw each and everyone. I did not take any pictures of these reptiles....sorry.

Of course we explored the rest of the park, seeing elephants, giraffes, deer, mer cats, sea lions, wild cats, gizzeles and Taylors favorite...Zebras. Taylor loves Zebras so much that we ended up taking a bus then a long uphill walking ramp and a nice little walk to the end of the park just to see them...when we finally got there all we got to see were their butts..that's it, they wouldn't turn around...all of that just to see their rears. Oh well, the things we do for our kids.